India's first, largest & the only organised store offering more than 100 Re-cycled | Up-cycled | Re-purposed Products created by a set of Underprivileged People | Village Women | Specially Abled

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Any form of Dry Waste / Recyclables.

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You may get our innovative products by either buying them online/ offline, or
by simply ‘xchanging’ the Recyclables.

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India’s First, Largest & the Only Organized Store of the Re-cycled/ Re-purposed/ Up-cycled Product(s)

‘Nature' is the Biggest 'Recycler' of all times. Nothing that 'Nature' produces creates a mess, even after its 'Life Cycle' is over. Whether it's Plants, Animals or Humans - once the life span is over, 'Nature' converts it back to its very origin.

As a matter of fact, post the life cycle is over, the Recycled version at times is much more valuable and unique than the original one, for instance Diamonds and Fuel.

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Team Strength

Customers associated

7-10 customers per week

Trees saved

Every day 1 tree saved (Algorithm)

Plastic recycled

250kgs per day (algorithm)

Flowers repurposed

6 kgs per day

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Energy can neither be produced nor destroyed; but it can be transformed from one form to another. During Yagya, two biggest energies i.e. sound (as Vedic hymns) and heat (as kindled in Hawan Kund / Yajnavedi) are transformed into a beneficial energy which affects the physical, psychological and spiritual well-being of humans.

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    Head Office - DLF Phase 5, Gurugram, Haryana
    Regional Office - Plot No. 28, Village Bandhwari, Gurugram, Haryana
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